It is no secret that Tom and I are husband and wife business partners. It is our competitive advantage - what sets us apart from all the other product design firms in the market. Because most people cannot imagine working with their spouse at all, they are always fascinated by the idea that we do this 24/7, in a home office and have made it over 21 years so far.

In a recent question and answer video series called Brainstorm to Box, we were asked:

What's the secret to working/living with your business partner 24/7?

Brainstorm to Box (1) - Secrets to Working with Your Spouse from Hazz Design on Vimeo.

On Monday July 29, 2013, at 3pm EST/noon PST, we will be live on Tessa Miller's - This is How I Work for your questions about working from home, our work style, striking a work/home/life balance or anything else that interests you. Ask away - we're sharing all our secrets!

Also, if you missed the active ask session, don't worry. Discuss further with us here anytime.